Optimum Evolution Weight-Management Program is offered at our clinic as an alternative to the HCG injections.   This practitioner-guided weight management program has gained popularity by our clients incredible successful weight loss. The results of this approach are revolutionary and they speak for themselves, as more people are wanting the same benefits of those who have completed this 6 week program.

Not Just Another “Weight Loss Program ~ “
Many patients fail in weight management because they attempt diet programs that are unrealistic or only provide a temporary fix that does not lead to lasting results. Others can become overwhelmed with the uncomfortable side effects of dieting, such as hunger or food cravings, or become frustrated with poor results, however the Optimum Evolution is different, with excellent results.

The Optimum Evolution Weight-Management Program is not just another diet: it is a complete lifestyle program to help patients achieve lifelong health and wellness. It is build around a complete line of comprehensive, professional -grade products which are carefully formulated to support your efforts. An average weight loss is 20- 30 lb for men and 16-25 lb for women in 6 weeks time, many note at least 1/2 per day.

Fat is stored in three different areas of the body:
Structural fat around joints and organs
Normal fat reserves throughout the entire body
Secure or abnormal fat reserves which are known as problem areas – also known as Secondary Fat around: 

a. Hips and Thighs
b. Waist, Stomach and Buttocks
c. Behind the upper arms in women and upper chest, back and neck in men

These secondary fat reserves are never released, no matter how much dieting and exercise one does. The body retains these fat reserves as a survival mechanism. Our Optimum Evolution Weight-Management Program has been designed to release the Secondary Fat reserves.