Example of EFT for Weight Loss

  • AdobeStock_32327119Even though I have been bullied as a child about my size, I give myself permission to transform my life and my waistline.
  • Even though I was made to feel powerless over those in authority, I re-empower myself every time I EFT tap.
  • Even though I was subjected to various forms of humiliation and abuse during my life, I choose to turn to healthier outlets to release my pent-up and unexpressed emotions.
  • Even though I don’t know how to stand up to the bullies in my life, some part of me willing to heal how being bullied impacts my relationship with food.
  • Even though people in my life have made me feel threatened and intimidated, I still get to have my excess pounds come off for good.
  • Even though I was bullied at a very young age, I now know that I do not have to put up with the mean or unevolved behavior of others.
  • Even though I unconsciously pad my body with excess pounds to hold my ground with the bullies in my life, I am still a good person.
  • Even though my episodes of bingeing are closely linked with painful events that happen in my life, I now EFT tap to immediately lessen the emotional upheaval caused by those events.
  • I allow myself to heal from all the ways I have been bullied in my life.
  • I seek to understand what motivates other people to act the way they do, so I can feel more empowered to thrive in all my interpersonal relationships.
  • I also seek to understand myself better.
  • On my Weight Loss Discovery Journey, I easily learn what triggers me to reach for food in the first place.
  • EFT tapping provides me with a healthy alternative to safely and easily process my emotions.
  • Every time I EFT tap, I make my physical safety and emotional well-being a priority.
  • I give myself permission to take the steps necessary to bring an end to all forms of harassment and intimidation
  • I am currently experiencing.
  • I easily muster up my courage.
  • Some part of me feels that walking away from an unhealthy situation would help my excess pounds melt off for good.
  • I use EFT tapping to safely express and quickly transform any fears and other suppressed emotions that surface.
  • I EFT tap to feel more supported.
  • I allow myself to feel safe and protected.

AdobeStock_94307001EFT tapping round 1

Eyebrow    What if I am hungry for love?
Side of the eye    What if I am hungry for safety?
Under the eye    A part of me still longs for the comfort
Under the nose    of a snugly cuddle and warm milk.
Chin    And all cares would slide right off of me.
Collar bone    Ah, how easy it was to slip into deep sleep
Under the arm    with a full stomach and no worries!
Top of the head    But now, I am angry, I am lonely, I’m scared and hungry.

EFT tapping round 2

Eyebrow    Why doesn’t anyone see I want to feel safe and loved?
Side of the eye    I long to recreate the warmth of my babyhood.
Under the eye    But how long will I keep waiting for those
Under the nose    invisible hands that may never caress my cares away?
Chin    How long will I keep punishing myself
Collar bone    for the absence of those whose responsibility I am?
Under the arm    How long will I keep hurting, waiting for that magic fairy?
Top of the head    How long will I keep giving in to harmful impulses

AdobeStock_55203391EFT tapping round 3

Eyebrow    trying to recreate the illusion of a “full stomach”?
Side of the eye    How much more I will have to store inside my body
Under the eye    to recreate the coziness of the cuddles I miss so much?
Under the nose    When will I see that as a grown up
Chin    I am mighty capable of wiping my cares away,
Collar bone    even on an empty stomach?
Under the arm    What if I am starting to see it little by little?
Top of the head    Even if I did not have enough support growing up,

EFT tapping round 4

Eyebrow    or had too much of it for it to be limiting me now,
Side of the eye    I choose to be there for me, starting now.
Under the eye    No matter what happened to me in the past,
Under the nose    or what I fear may happen if things improve,
Chin    I choose to stop this self-sabotage now.
Collar bone    I choose to get off the track of self-destruction now.
Under the arm    I choose to be a great parent and friend to me now.
Top of the head    I promise to be the most dependable friend to me now.

AdobeStock_89316902EFT tapping round 5

Eyebrow    Once and for all, I choose to release
Side of the eye    all this hurt, all this resentment, all this fear
Under the eye    from every single cell of my body now.
Under the nose    I choose to stop treating my body
Chin    as a storehouse of emotions I can’t handle.
Collar bone    I am capable of dealing with upsetting truths
Under the arm    and painful emotions then and there.
Top of the head    From now on, I choose to work my way through

EFT tapping round 6

Eyebrow    upsetting feelings and let them wither away peacefully.
Side of the eye    I choose to respect my body for what it is, priceless.
Under the eye    I choose to release this nasty habit of punishing myself
Under the nose    by overindulging in what’s bad for me.
Chin    I choose to find healthy and satisfying ways
Collar bone    of rewarding myself too.
Under the arm    I am stronger than I give myself credit for.
Top of the head    Instead of running for cover whenever I panic,

AdobeStock_67232426EFT tapping round 7

Eyebrow    I will now choose to give myself a reality check.
Side of the eye    Starting now, I choose to unearth surprising,
Under the eye    new sources of strength from within.
Under the nose    I forgive myself for all the hurt I have caused my body.
Chin    In my ignorance, I found an easy victim in my body.
Collar bone    I didn’t know any better. Now I do.
Under the arm    I choose healing now.
Top of the head    I am capable, calm and confident. And so it is.