Voice Repatterning

AdobeStock_79969378Clearing Emotional Roadblock when it comes to Emotional Eating. Using Voice Repatterning You’re most likely familiar with the cliché of having a “well-oiled machine.” However, ZYTO’s EVOX can help you strive for that cliché by allowing your body to enhance its performance. Knowing how your body harmonizes is a powerful tool in achieving your optimal health, and EVOX can facilitate that. This dynamic instrument records short voiceprints, analyzes them, and converts the results into frequencies, which then play back to your patient as part of a multi-sensory experience with amazing results. EVOX helps one release from the past so they can live more fully in the present. It helps negative feelings to recede. It helps one feel more loving, powerful, peaceful and whole. It helps one move forward into the future with optimism and hope. It helps one live their life to its fullest. There’s a lot of impressive technology behind EVOX. But from a personal, non-engineering, medical point of view, a doctor noticed that within 30 seconds of being within the EVOX, it appeared as though EVOX was creating an EMDR-like phenomenon used by licensed psychological therapists world-wide, except it seemed even more powerful than EMDR. EMDR is a break-through eye treatment used by many people including medical professionals in treating anxiety, stress, and trauma. EMDR is considered first-line therapy worldwide to trauma victims. What does that mean? That means before doing anything, including drugs and talk therapy, the first therapy should be EMDR when you have had an emotional crisis/trauma in your life. That’s not us saying so….that’s the medical experts, World Health Organization and others worldwide making those claims. Voice mapping can be done for weight loss, transgenerational (genetic, ancestral, inherited energetic miasms) remapping or assisting in achieving other topics such as relationships, health issues, goals, work projects, traumatic experiences, etc. The voice map will show the patterns representing the actual AdobeStock_74190043frequencies present in your voice from conscious and subconscious stress. The goal of the EVOX sessions is to remap the voice until stressed areas are minimized or no longer “stuck” in any one area. During sessions, your voice maps will change to reflect either more or less subconscious stress. When mapping shows increased voice stress it is an indication that the stresses are rising to the surface, and are eventually followed by a releasing pattern where stress decreases. Decreasing voice stress is frequently accompanied by the experience of joy, peace, and gratitude, with new insights, allowing new patterns, feelings and habits to be put in place. Emotional issues will not be discussed; the EVOX picks up the emotional stressed frequencies from the voice. Learn more about EVOX Biofeedback Lifestyle.

The EVOX is not a medical device, and should not be used to treat any medical condition and is not claimed